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$45 In Free Postage

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One of the things I hate the most is going to the post office, and if you have a small business like me you know what a time waster it is to drop what you are doing, drive to the post office and stand in line. Not to mention that you have to do it all on their short hours.

A better way to manage your postage is through and never have to waste time driving to the post office again.

How To Get Started With

1. Click Here to sign up for an account
2. Get $45 in free postage and a free digital scale
3. Print your own stamps/shipping labels at home
4. The US Post Office picks up your mail and packages

That’s it… really!

How Works

All you need to do to use is log in to their system and using your free digital scale you get when you sign up, calculate the exact postage you need to ship your package. Just weight, print and have your package picked up… it really doesn’t get much easier.

If you ship products you may also be interested in their one click package tracking, or easy print return labels in case your customers decide to return their products. also will give you discounts on USPS postage. For example, customers can save up to 21% off USPS Express Mail, and up to 15% on Priority mail as well. Not only can you save on the cost of shipping, but you can save up to 40% on shipping insurance as well.

Need to track your postage expenses? does it all for you, keeping a detailed transaction log on every bit of postage you print. This way you can prepare weekly, monthly or yearly reports at the click of a button.

Don’t forget to bookmark this promo code post for the latest offers!

All in all, going to the post office is a major hassle and what small business has time to burn? If you want to save both time and money on shipping and postage, Sign Up For Today

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