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Sorry Grandma, Junior Doesn’t Want Savings Bonds

Despite the best intentions of parents and grandparents, savings bonds aren’t the best financial gifts for children. Forget the fact that the child or their parents may forget in a dozen years or so that the savings bonds exists, or where they are or how to log-in to get access to it online. If you […]


saving for retirement

4 Tips to Saving for Retirement in Your 20s

Your 20s are full of life changes, including graduating from college, starting your first job, getting married, buying a house, and maybe even having kids. Of course not everyone takes the same life path through all of these events, but one thing that everyone in their 20s should be doing is saving for retirement. Retirement seems […]


5 Options for Storing an Emergency Fund

I’m sure you’ve all heard that you need to have an emergency fund to help you be prepared for the unexpected events that life inevitably throws at you from time to time. I bet you’ve even heard different resources telling you how much you should stash away in an emergency fund. Usually experts recommend having […]


bank run

What Would You Do in a Bank Run?

However Greece and the European Union decide to deal with Greece’s debt problem, it’s a scary scene. A bank run  was happening throughout the country as citizens tried to withdraw money from accounts that might be worth a lot less later. Banks closed for a day and restricted transfers and withdrawals, such as limiting people to […]

price-earnings ratio

Find Stock Value With Price-Earnings Ratio

If you’re looking for value stocks, the price-earnings ratio of a stock can help by showing how a company’s stock is related to its earnings. Price-earnings ratio, also called P/E ratio or referred to simply as PE, is a valuation method used to compare a company’s current share price to its per-share earnings. PE is […]

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Spread Betting: What It Is and How It Works

There’s been a lot of buzz around spread betting lately. It’s a way to either earn or lose money in a very short amount of time, depending on the outcome of your wager. I personally think the fast paced nature of spread betting is what has made it so popular. For those of you who […]

An Intro on Peer to Peer Lending

An Intro on Peer to Peer on Lending

Investing in CDs, keeping your money in savings account, or even high interest checking accounts is the traditional way most people seek fixed return on their investment. The more sophisticated investors go for instruments like Muni bonds, treasuries, corporate bonds, or funds that invest in high and low yield fixed-rate instruments. In the last few […]

understanding dividend stocks

Stock Trading Basics: Understanding Dividends

Stock trading basics is a series where I cover various topics that are helpful to new investors. Even seasoned investors can benefit by revisiting some basic concepts to refine their investment strategies and ideologies. In this edition of stock trading basics let us take a look at dividends – What they are? What they are […]