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Spread Betting: What It Is and How It Works

There’s been a lot of buzz around spread betting lately. It’s a way to either earn or lose money in a very short amount of time, depending on the outcome of your wager. I personally think the fast paced nature of spread betting is what has made it so popular. For those of you who [...]


An Intro on Peer to Peer Lending

An Intro on Peer to Peer on Lending

Investing in CDs, keeping your money in savings account, or even high interest checking accounts is the traditional way most people seek fixed return on their investment. The more sophisticated investors go for instruments like Muni bonds, treasuries, corporate bonds, or funds that invest in high and low yield fixed-rate instruments. In the last few [...]

understanding dividend stocks

Stock Trading Basics: Understanding Dividends

Stock trading basics is a series where I cover various topics that are helpful to new investors. Even seasoned investors can benefit by revisiting some basic concepts to refine their investment strategies and ideologies. In this edition of stock trading basics let us take a look at dividends – What they are? What they are [...]


Investing Choices by AGe

How Your Investment Choices Change with Age

One of the most important factors that should affect your investment choices is the investment horizon. The investment horizon is largely impacted by your age and hence your investment choices should be impacted by your age. When you’re in your 20s You have a long investment horizon when you’re in your 20s. Due to this [...]

whats holding you back from investing

What Is Holding You Back From Investing?

Many of us consider investing but never get around to actually starting to invest. In this post let us take a look at some reasons why people don’t invest. There are several psychological and practical barriers that hold people back from making investments. For some making investments is natural, that is how their brain is [...]

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5 Red Flags to Look For When Analyzing Companies

Every now and then we see companies drop tremendously in value in such a way the investors in their stock lose all the value or a significant portion of it.Is there a way one can tell that something like this can happen to a company? The truth is if it could be told with certainty [...]

How to Choose a Winning Stock

How to Identify the Next Starbucks or Apple

If I had time machine, I would go back in time and buy Apple stocks right before they announced the iPod and iPhone (among other things of course). That would have been one killer investment. Same is true with Starbucks, someone who identified the company in its early day and invested in their stock made [...]

Understanding PE Ratio

Stock Trading Basics: PE Ratio

In the next installment of stock market basics series, let us cover PE ratio also sometimes written as P/E ratio. What is PE ratio? PE ratio for a company is the ratio of the price of a single share of the company to the earning per share of the company. It is one of the [...]